Top Rated SUP Boards


Stand up paddle board surfing has gained popularity in the recent past. There are several things you are supposed to consider before buying a new SUP. If you are an amateur, it is wise to ask an expert to guide on which brand to buy for your training. Also, he or she can rent you various designs so that you can know which board is best suited for you. A real stand up paddle board should be durable, sizeable, cost-effective, stable and easy to use. Only a few SUP brands have met these basic requirements. And in this regard, the following are the top rated SUP boards according to the above specifications.

Boardworks Shubu

22nlkfngkkBoardworks Shubu is arguably one of the most stable stand up boards currently. It is an inflatable board which is highly recommendable for beginners though professionals can still use it. This board is usually designed with a limited graphics and color game. However, they offer very outstanding features which are; twin bite fins and an option for the third one. Another great feature of this tool is that it has an arch bar and rails that bring rigidity thus making it a stable SUP. Also, it comes with a portable bag which contains a repair kit in case of damage. This board is designed with several premium qualities for a reasonably low price.

Ancheer PVC Inflatable SUP

An Ancheer inflatable package is designed with a very thick and sturdy PVC base material to keep the board stable, strong and durable. Its framework is covered by a 10mm thickness of a PVC material. It is also designed with a bungee tie system that helps to host your gear properly. Furthermore, it contains three unique fins which provide more stability that keeps you balanced on any water. This SUP package is affordable to anybody who is interested in this sport. It guarantees you everything you may require to make your adventure one of a kind.

Isle Airtech Inflatable SUP package

This is an inflatable SUP board that is great to buy for an exhilarating and terrific pastime. Despite the fact that it is inflatable, it gets very sturdy, rock hard and durable whenever you are using it. The experience is that you do not feel like you are standing on an inflated tool. Some military unit has used it, and it endorsed widely. When you are not using it, it gets deflated to a size of a regular sleeping bag. This means that it is easy to store and travel with to ant destination. It has Surf Style Shape, which makes it a perfect tool for surfing on flat waters. It is also relatively light, and this makes it a great tool that can fit both beginners and professionals.

Surftech Generator

33lknldjgjThe Surftech Generator is a non-inflatable board that can be used by both beginners and professionals. It has a premium appearance, but it goes at an affordable price. This board is quite stable, medium weight and comes with an impressive appearance. It is made from the bamboo tree which is blended with greenish-blue color thus making it stand out right from your first glance. It is usually used in short-range paddling.…