A Guide To Health Sleeping For A Side Sleeper

There are three common positions that humans use to sleep at night. Among the three, side sleeping is the most popular of all. When we come to side sleeping also, there are many variations of the side sleeping positions. But all of the side sleeping positions have one aspect that can cause problems to individuals; they usually make the neck to lose its normal alignment.

Although there is nothing much that we can do to change the way one sleeps, it is important that we share some insider tips on how you can comfortably sleep using your side a fact that will enable you to wake up feeling more rested and ready to take up the activities of the day.5657uyjgfh

Here are some of the important tips for side sleepers

1. Purchase a good mattress

It is important that you find a sleeping mattress that supports your body. According to Zach Davis, Editor SleepHolic.com, it require that you have a mattress that is of high quality, that which can be able to support your body not only comfortably but properly too. If you don’t find one like this, it is advisable that you use a rolled up towel to fill in the space that is left on your rounded areas that are under your neck and waist. This will alleviate the pain that may be caused by you sleeping with a spine that is strained.

2. Purchase a gentle mattress

Experts recommend that the best mattress for side sleepers is that which is gentle on one’s shoulders. This is because the shoulders have the biggest effect on the quality of sleep that you have. This is because your shoulders and hips are the ones that feel the most pressure when you sleep using your side. It is important that you find a mattress that is supportive and gentle to the pressure points of your body.

3. Purchase the right pillow

6578iukyjtyIt is important also that you get the recommended pillow for side slippers. It is important that you realize that pillows are not meant for your neck and head only, but they are essential in keeping your entire spine in a good and comfortable position when you are sleeping. Get a pillow that will support the natural curve that your neck has. Ensure that your neck does not go down that much or it should not be taken high that much. Ensure that your neck, shoulder, ears, and hips are properly aligned.

4. Place a pillow between your knees when you sleep

When you side sleeps, there is a possibility that your upper leg will not be supported properly. This may lead it to yank downwards hence stressing your spine hence putting more pressure on your lower back and hips. To ensure that you do not experience this, sleep with a pillow between your knees while pulling your legs slightly towards your chest.

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